Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Music Is Revolution Benefit Event At The Emerald Theater In Mt. Clemens MI.

This past weekend our first Music Is Revolution benefit event went down in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, produced by Kevin Sharpe of Metro 37 Studio in Detroit. It featured 10 local Detroit bands who slammed out a variety of styles and craftsmanship, all of which was compelling and fueled with energy. That's what the MC5 influence means in terms of a legacy, and it is something to keep as a proud tradition. The atmosphere in the room, a room which was a splendid example of lost theater elegance from the classic age of the early 1900's, was uniquely spirited. Mike Scott, the owner of the venue, commented that he noticed a feeling of community spirit that he had not ever seen there or anywhere else. Everybody was cool, not in a club-crawler sense, not in a "Jersey Shore" sense, but in a sense that makes people feel happy and glad to be a part of something natural. It appears that the concept and the motivation of providing funds for music education in public schools for our young brothers and sisters was, and is, an honorable and popular cause. Right on! Society isn't changing until we give the next generation the values to change it. Then they will do what seems impossible to do in the current political atmosphere. Music can make changes. But what struck me about the evening was a phenomenon that I hadn't envisioned (those are the best); Music Is Revolution can bring us back together. Music Is Revolution can restore the communal feeling that we have lost over the decades. Is it possible that as a music community and culture we can restore our camaraderie? Man, what a trip that would be. I might be over-reacting, but anything is possible, and I would be super stoked to have anything like that come into play.

I know we have a great start and a great group of people helping with the cause. I wouldn't be surprised if a side effect of pushing for an improved public attitude toward education, music in education, and lessening the emphasis on capitalist obsessing brought us closer to the Utopian dream we played with back in the days of the MC5. I'm for it, bring it on.


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