Friday, September 17, 2010

Dr. Martens - Michael Davis (MC5) & D.O.A.

Bound together by an admiration for each other’s work, punk rock trailblazers Joey Keithley of D.O.A. and Michael Davis of MC5 have, over the past three decades, become the closest of comrades. And for the first time they’ve joined forces to celebrate Dr. Marten’s 50th Anniversary.

Michael Davis of MC5
Boasting the titles of singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist and music producer, Detroit-born Michael Davis made his name with the seminal and incendiary proto-punk rock act, MC5. Pioneers of the hardcore music revolution of the late 1960s, MC5’s political ties and anti-establishment lyrics saw them firmly installed as innovators of punk and flag-bearers for an alternative generation.

After just three albums, MC5 disbanded in the mid-1970s; shortly after, Davis found himself in Lexington Penitentiary – or ‘Narcotics Farm’ as it was commonly known as – chalking up time for his heroin addiction. On release, Davis immediately climbed back into the music arena with Ron Asheton, a fellow MC5 band mate, good friend and member of the punk band Destroy All Monsters.

Davis amassed seven successful years with Destroy All Monsters before leaving to join forces with the rock act The Lords Of Altamont. Continuing his musical odyssey Davis then left to sign up for the MC5 spin-off, DKT.

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In recent years, education has been a recurring theme in Davis’ life. In 2006 he set-up the non-profit organization, The Music Is Revolution Foundation, to support music education in public schools. Davis has also earmarked 2010 to finish the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree he dropped out from to join MC5.


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