Thursday, April 1, 2010



MUSIC IS REVOLUTION is in need of a web designer! We need to re-
create our website.

If there is someone who has the expertise, and would like to
participate in a remarkable charity that focuses on education, youth,
and music, please contact me and let's get it together. Music Is
Revolution had been in operation for several years, helping public
school teachers bring musical experiences to young
people who need a little help to become engaged in their schools and
communities (you know who we mean you creative, alternative and punk
rock kids!).

It's time to kick up a little revolution out there, and I want to
know; are you ready to testify by helping me create a killer website?
It's up to you, you must decide. If you are a web designer, and would
like to donate your services for a righteous cause, please respond by
emailing me here:

Music Is Revolution Myspace messaging, or at any of my other web
based contact sites;

Michael Davis Bass Player MC5/ Mike
Davis, FB


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